Organic Wines Produced and Bottled in Black Forest, CO 

No Sulphites Added                      Non-GMO                       Gluten Free                       Vegan Friendly

Call to schedule a tasting - (719) 282-1193.  We are open 6 days a week.


Other events are being scheduled all the time so check back for updates or request to be added to our email list on the Contact Us page.


Every Saturday                 Colorado Farm and Art Market

June 20th thru Oct 17th    Margarita at Pine Creek Restaurant

9AM to 1PM                      Visit:

                                        Discounted Sales!!

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Additional Events will be added as this years season develops.

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For a description of our wines please click here wine list .

Sette Dolori Winery

​​​​2020 Wine Tasting ​Events:

Due to the current social and political events, we do not have any tasting events scheduled for 2020.  Below are the events we will be attending to sell product in closed containers.  Hopefully tastings can occur at these events soon.​​