Sette Dolori Winery

Every Saturday Evening  July and August  5PM to 10PM

                                      A Grazing Life Farm Dinners

                                      Corner Post Meats, Black Forest

                                      Wine Tasting and Discounted Sales!!

Other events are being scheduled all the time so check back for updates or request to be added to our email list on the Contact Us page.

Call to schedule a tasting - (719) 282-1193.  We are open 6 days a week.


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Aug 5th, Noon to 6PM    Woodland Park Wine Festival                                                                                 Visit

                                     Wine Tasting and Discounted Sales!!

Every Saturday from Jun 17th thru Oct 14th, 9AM to 1PM

                                     Free Wine Tasting

                                     CFAM Farmer's Market, Margarita at Pine Creek

                                     7350 Pine Creek Road, Colorado Springs

​​​2017 Wine Tasting ​Events:

July 15th, 2PM to 8PM   Castle Rock Wine Festival                                                                                       Visit

                                     Wine Tasting and Discounted Sales!!

Tastings in our home by appointment only (usually evenings after 4:00pm) 

Our Story

Organic Wines Produced and Bottled in Black Forest, CO 

No Sulphites Added                      Non-GMO                       Gluten Free                       Vegan Friendly

Winner of Two Silvers and One Gold Medal

2016 Colorado Governor's Cup Competition

June 3rd, 11AM to 5PM   Manitou Wine Festival                                                                                          Visit

                                     Wine Tasting and Discounted Sales!!

For a description of our wines please click here wine list .

Sep 2nd, 1PM to 6PM    Salida Wine Festival                                                                                              Visit

                                    Wine Tasting and Discounted Sales!!